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HongDa Guardrail

Hongda Industry manufactures W Beam gaurdrail, open box beam, third beam guardrails, and different types of steel posts (C Posts, U Posts, Sigma Posts), we can also supply bolts, nuts and washers, brackets, spacers and relevant guardrails components......

Pioneer of Galvanized Highway Guardrails

Leading Chinese manufacturer of guardrails and Open Box Beams to serve Europe and the worldwide Market.

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Successfully supplied UK and EU customers for many years and so quality of product and galvanizing is definitely up to the quality standards for the Highway & off-road market.

Open Box Beam

We are also one of the only China factories to offer Box Beam to EU specification including corners, fixing brackets and all other accessories.

Steel Posts & Customized Steel Products

Full range of guardrail posts, including H Post, U Post, C Post, Z Post, Sigma Post etc.We produce customized products to EU and America countries, apply to the mountain project, water conservancy projectetc.

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